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SpongeBob Coloring Pages
SpongeBob and his friends live in an underwater citySpongeBob Coloring Pages named “Bikini Bottom”. Bikini Bottom is like a regular city with suburbs, restaurants, a downtown, stores, transportation and even a law enforcement system. All characters (besides Sandra – the squirrel) are totally dependent on water for survival and cannot survive if they leave the water.
SpongeBob Coloring Pages
SpongeBob is the main character of the series. He has a pet snail called Gary.
Patrick Star, a star fish, is SpongeBob’s closest friend.  Sandra Cheeks, a squirrel, is SpongeBob’s best friend after Patrick. Squidward  Tentacles, a squid, lives between SpongeBob’s and Patricks’ homes.
SpongeBob Coloring PagesBoth SpongeBob and Squidward work at the Krusty Krab.The Krusty Krab is a fast-food restaurant and the most popular in Bikini Bottom.  It is owned and run by Mr. Krabs who is very cheap and greedy. SpongeBob works as the fry cook flipping “Krabby Patties” while Squidward Tentacles works as the cashier. Squidward very much despises SpongeBob and has difficulty working with him.SpongeBob Coloring PagesThe Krusty Krab’s rival restaurant, the Chum Bucket, is owned by Sheldon Plankton who is a copepod. The Chum Bucket is a very unsuccessful business and Mr. Plankton is constantly plotting to steal Mr. Krabs’s secret recipe for his “Krabby Patties”.


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kaykay September 4, 2011 at 3:37 pm

i love all the characters and i love the show of spongbob because it is fun to look at and i try to wake up every mornig to look at it but i still love all the characters but i do not like platon because he try to still the secret formula and cook the recipie and try to get more people at the chum bucket and and mr.krbs is so funny but i love to watch the show but that is all i got to say about it !!!!!!(love the show)


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